Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Once a quarter...

My online life is pretty much taken up with Facebook posts and Words with Friends these days...actually, blogger has really missed the boat with iPhone publishing - if I had an app I might be more apt to use it but it seems people prefer the tweet world...something to reflect on, except tweeting isn't about reflection, it's spitting out any old thought in a handful of words. That's not reflection, I'm sure of it.

I'm a runner now. Seriously! I'm slow, it's true, I only run just under an 8 minute km, but I finished my C25K program in September and have continued running at least 5 k a week. I know, it's nuts. Running is a funny thing. I want to say I love it, but really what I ought to say is I love *after* it. Just this morning my ankles were creaking and my neck was sore and ugh, I really didn't want to run. But my cleaning lady was at the flat so I had to be out and f*ck it, why ever not? I ran my little heart out and in no time at all it was over and I was picking up a lovely cappuccino from my favourite Israeli chain...

This fall is a quiet time for travel. After completely blowing the bank this summer and also booking a ticket home for xmas (I need to renew my driver's license) I decided to have a stay-cation for fall break. It's been a fantastic time so far, so no regrets there!

A few weeks ago I was in Moscow for a meeting, which was really exciting! I was raised during the Cold War era, so you can imagine my surprise on arriving in Moscow and finding supermarkets full of groceries, no one standing in line and frankly, nothing much (except for the Kremlin) to distinguish it from many other cities in Eastern Europe. The Kremlin *was* cool. The incredibly small (in both ways) Faberge egg collection is fascinating. The dead Czars not so much. The dresses of Czarinas stuffed to ACTUAL size was interesting. I was surprised to discover that the church in the Red Square is NOT in fact in the Kremlin. Hmmm, maybe I should post some photos.

I'm off to Lisbon next month for more meetings (jealous of my life yet? I am!). My sister has wrangled herself into the same meetings, so that's pretty exciting! I expect to be sipping port and eating custard with her to a ridiculous extent - which I can because did I mention I'm a runner now?

I've been a reading maniac, too. Latest book was REAMDE by Neal Stephenson. Yet another awesome book by one of my favourite writers. Earlier this fall I read The Hunger Games Trilogy - holy cow that was two weekends gone! I read the whole series and then turned around and read it again. Even writing that sentence I'm thinking maybe I need to read it again. It's hard to imagine how I could be so enthralled with something in the "teen lit" category but there you are, they're FASCINATING and ENGAGING novels.

We have a whole slew of new people at work - all are fantastic. None single. I might just have to start scouring the city for a man who showers. Seriously, showering and deodorant are not a high priority for the men in this country. But then I suppose if I did like the look of one, I could probably talk him into bathing - after all, I have a clean 14 year old!

Ahh, yes, the G. He's a giant. He has a deep manly voice and shaves. Sometimes I run into him at the bar. No seriously, the drinking age here is pretty much non-existant, so he can go to bars. I had the unfortunate experience last weekend of walking into the same one as him - of course the well-behaved lad that he is, he wandered over right away to confess his sins and declare he ought to go home right away. I think it might have been his first bar experience so no doubt now he'll think I'll be at any bar he goes to! Luckily he still prefers his xbox to pretty much anything else....

So there's an update!


watergirl said...

Hunger Games are fantastic! Now that they have me teaching some middle school classes I'm finding that these kids have some great books!
Will be interesting to see how the movie compares.

Tiny said...

True, I don't think I want to run into my parents at the bar ;-)

Same here, I don't enjoy working out and I have to drag myself out often. However, once I have started, I want to keep on going.

Yes, I envy your life. Ha! I really should start making travel plans for next year.

Good to see you back here!