Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Living normal in other places

I know most people travel to see interesting things; I'm not like that. Oh, I see stuff, but it's only really by accident. When I get to a new city I like to find a place that feels right to hang out - my local, if you will - and do things I would do anywhere. Then I get a real sense of how the place is the same and familiar and how it's different.

In Antwerp, it's a bit like living in Vancouver. People are a little more fashionable although err on the side of comfortable. Lots more bikes, but the same pro-fitness views prevail. Amazing food. My gym is pretty typical.

It is making a nice break from the harshness of Kiev - things here are just softer and easier. People understand English or I can explain in French. Life is simple and I love it.


Martian said...

Antwerp rocks! Well, okay, I was only there briefly, but I still remember it. It's very cool that you have a travel-y job, DG :)

dgny said...

Hey Mars - Antwerp is small enough to be here a few hours and you'd know it was awesome! The job is actually only a little travel-y but I get loads of time off (about 13 weeks a year all told). In fact, while I've been enjoying just travel this year, I think by next I'm going to have to layer on some other aspect or I might get bored! Unbelievable!